This is my story of why I am running a marathon on 20th March 2021

Last year I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and I felt like the walls came in on me. It was tough mentally to not feel awful about the condition and how to deal with it, especially considering that I was no longer able to drive for a year.

I decided that in the middle of this storm that I would focus on running and began my training towards the marathon. It really helped with my mental health and after a while I had built up my stamina to where I was before my diagnosis. It allowed me to forget about the negatives of the diagnosis and the consequences of it and to become more positive in my outlook and I thank God every single day that I have the ability to put a pair of running shoes on and to be able to get out into the world.

I am running this to show people that even though I was diagnosed with something that is live changing, it doesn't mean that my life ends. If anything having epilepsy has taught me that physical and mental health are so important.

Sport in Mind helps people use sport to change their lives, and to allow people to improve their mental and physical health. If you are able to sponsor any money towards the cause then I really do appreciate this.

James Holter